Saturday, January 15, 2011

Art Success!

With bubs due in only 15 weeks, I'm trying to keep things simple and one of the ways I decided to do this, was with Art.

The children now each have their own art bags with a visual art diary, paints and art pencils -and.... Ta Da: Their own 'How to Draw' book each.

On Friday, they each did their first lesson with it and I have to say, I am pretty impressed with the results.
It's not JUST a drawing instruction book - it includes water colour, collage and a couple of other art styles. The best bit is that it is all hands OFF for me... I just need to keep the camera handy!

This is Melinda's (8.5yo) Giraffe from 'How to Draw Animals'

and Nathaniel's (7yo) Diplodocus from 'How to Draw Dinosaurs'

One great thing about them having different books is that they work on their own project without comparing their results as they would if both pictures were 'meant to be the same' IYKWIM.
Once they finish these books, they can swap, and start over!

I bought these books sight unseen and was happy.
Once I got them I was excited.
And now I am seeing them in use I am so thrilled - they are more than I had hoped for!


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  1. those pictures are great! what is the name of the books you are using? we are using "drawing with children" by Mona Brookes and we are both really enjoying the art lessons, yes I am learning too alongside her:)