Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Piff-a-thon Tally #2 & #3

DEC 18th

51 things from the last tally


1 odd bootie
1 pair of booties (again I ask, what is it with these??)
1 cosmetic bag
1 perfume
1 toothbrush holder
1 hair band
1 bottle of mineral health mixture, past date
1 unused journal
1 perpetual calendar
1 unopened dvd - deemed to not fit with 'whatever is pure and lovely'
1 handbag
1 tape measure
1 toddler shape sorting toy
1 make up palette

JAN 4th Tally

65 things already

2 european pillows now gone
1 dolls house
6 items of dolls furniture
a whole bunch of little ponies - let's say it was 15 but I know it was more than that, a whole bunch of pony hair brushes went with them
3/4 of a tea chest box of clothing - will count it as 20 but again it was MORE
1 old hard drive
1 wine bag
1 candelabra
4 notepads, partly used - we have too many too keep for future use
1 computer mouse
1 Barbie
4 melamine rice bowls
8 picnic plates
4 floppy discs (total for this count is 69)

so that's now a total of   **134**

There was a whole bunch more that I can't remember LOL... It was all going out the door so fast in the end... so I shall have to do some more to get to my official 150... and as soon as I can figure out photo's from my mobile to here in the next couple of days, I'll show you what we tackled!

BTW - If feels sooooooo good! Has anyone else been working on decluttering?
Plenty of local people have - Pete had to go to another opshop this morning when dropping off a boot load, the big Salvo's store wasn't taking any more donations as they're full up with the big Christmas decluttering many have been doing LOL


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  1. Does de-cluttering ever end? I need to do some more. Your sharing is encouraging.