Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Baking fun

A very productive morning here!

While the children were deep into their own bookwork... I got some serious baking happening. We had some fruit that needed using up. So first, I made a banana loaf... with a bit of this and a bit of that... making up the recipe as I went! 3 eggs, about that much better, 2 bananas, 1c SRF and a few other things

ta da!!
 Then I made some apple muffins - soooo yummy (I can't say yummy about the banana loaf yet as we're yet to try it!)

It was about now that Timothy discovered the sink and began his happy hour of playing with water 

He's more and more keen to turn and pose for a photo these days
And finally, a loaf of bread was ready to go in the oven to be baked

Oh, that's right - and all the while I had creamy rice cooking in the crock pot. Why? Just because I'd never done it before!

The only down side of such fun is the dishes

All done now though :o)


a quick update on yesterday's art (because yesterday's post was about last weeks!!)
It became a 'play and make what you will' session just for Melinda. Nathaniel who is covered in chicken pox at the moment REQUESTED a nap and slept for 3 hours!!!

For a few days Melinda has had idea of building some sort of boat... she was rather pleased to finally be able to 'get around to it'


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  1. Yes, indeed, baking is fun! Very clever boat invention! xxx