Monday, October 4, 2010

Where am I?

When something unexpected happens it messes with my head and then I seem to disappear from "blogland" for a while... I do keep on reading other blogs for sure (very relaxing and inspiring), but writing anything in my own when I'm still processing 'whatever' in life, seems a bit too much to tackle. I guess by writing now, my head is getting sorted out again - time will tell!

So how about a super fast update on the last 5 weeks or so...
1. I sprained my ankle badly on election day - the event that threw life and all sensible thought processing right out the window.
2. Found out how wonderful friends can be when one gorgeous lady took Melinda to Girl's Brigade for me for 4 weeks, and both children to a party.
3. Discovered our most exciting news this year - that God has chosen to bless us with another child... I'm about 10 weeks along now and if I've calculated correctly, bubs is due exactly 3 years after Timothy's due date - though he was born later than that.
4. Thanks to my sister Jacqui, I now have the additional trays and inserts for my dehydrator to make fruit leathers... will post more info and pics next time I am making them... next will be home made corn chips in it.
5. We have been blessed with free accommodation for a weeks holiday on Phillip Island
6. So I am now thinking of seeking out house swapping opportunities with other homeschooling families in Victoria for holidays in future years
7. Pete has done amazing things with our overgrown back yard. He'll tell you there's much more to be done, and there probably is... but right now it looks GORGEOUS in comparison!
8. My drivers licence was up for renewal... last time I got a 10 year one... bad idea - same photo for 10 years... so this time I got a 3 year one but funnily enough, I think it's a photo I could cope with for 10 years (but maybe I thought that last time too?)
9. When I get back from holidays I will be severely restricting processed sugars and grain intake
10. and vow to get back into baking our own bread
11. oh - that's right... we've had a couple of gross episodes with some of Timothy's bowel on the OUTSIDE... grossed me out a whole lot more the first time. Second time I wasn't as freaked. I think we're on top of it for now but won't be fully convinced of that for another few weeks of no repeats!
12. I keep meaning to get Melinda's piano lessons organised (Cassie!!) and I will get there... just as soon as we're back home and I have access to my usual email etc.
13. No photo's in this post because I'm not on my on computer and haven't figured out mobile uploads yet!! (Help anyone?)


  1. Thumbs down....your broken ankle.
    Thumbs up.... your new baby!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!
    The rest all sounds good. Hope you keep well.

  2. Congratulations on the new addition expected!

  3. Oh - sprained ankle - BUMMER! I know how that is... hope you're feeling better and getting around well.

    Congrats on your baby!!! I'm about 7 weeks ahead of you - so fun to plan for a spring baby - I've always had summer babies...

  4. Thank you ladies! It's been quite a journey to get to #4, in quite a different way than you may think... I hope to find the words to share it some day.

    I've never had a summer baby... rather glad about that... I like to wrap babies LOL
    This one will be born at the start of the cold... just right for wrapping!!

  5. Ouch...rolled ankles is something I can relate to! Congratulations on your new little bubby! xxx