Tuesday, October 5, 2010

If at first I don't succeed

then I will try try again!

Well that's my version now. The original 'if at first you don't succeed, try try again has been stuck in my head since about grade 3? It was a line in our class play 'Mud Black and the Seven Tallies'.... I'm off track already here! Oops!

One final term before the end of the year and I really really want to do much better with our 'formal' learning each day. Although I've been a homeschooling mum since Melinda was born more than 8 years ago... it's only now we're really getting into it with both Melinda and Nj. So, I am very much a beginner still!

and being the most disorganised person in the world (okay, not quite, but almost!) doesn't help at all :o(

So this week I need to plan out our final term... there will be about 10 weeks to work with.

To get me started I've worked out some goals

1. 2 x 'Go and Do's'....  Scienceworks? Native gardens in Cranbourne? Melbourne Museum?
2. 5 x swimming on Saturday's with Dad while Timothy sleeps to give me some planning time
3. Lots of reading aloud by Nj... daily?
4. Science 2 x week - anatomy... including anatomy models (Nj is so keen to get more into this)
5.MathUSee - work through the earlier books to find out where the children should start 'mostly on their own'
6. Project book of anatomy work
7. Have the children see project books from other homeschoolers to give them an idea of what we're aiming for
8. Start every day with bible time!!
9. For my own education - buy and read a couple of Charlotte Mason books that I've had my eye on for a while

We'll do more than this, but these things are the "must do's" that I am aiming for and will give me something solid to work my plan around.

I also want to make an achievable plan this time. One where I should be expecting to get everything done, rather than thinking up front that 'what doesn't get done, doesn't get done'.

I am very much looking forward to getting stuck into the planning and then into the term :o)



  1. Wow Narelle, by your facebook status' I find you a very organised woman! Your plan sounds really great, I really appreciate your honesty and openess and it's great that we can encourage each other! xxx

  2. Yes, Narelle, and don't forget we've seen your fridge. We KNOW you are organised!!! Good plan.

  3. nope LOL - totally not organised.
    I was once... for a short while only though... about 7 years ago for maybe 6mo? Then life went out the window and organisation is still a dream.
    There are a few things that are reasonably organised... but things still turn into science experiments in my fridge.
    People think I am organised because I look organised on the surface... but ask hubby... he'll chuckle and agree that I'm not.
    I want to be!! Life works so much better when I am. My MS brain fuzz is a big hurdle to work around with this... I know I can do it.. 'tis just going to take more time than I like.
    When I look at who God is... I believe a part of Him is that He is a God of order and excellence, so that's what I strive for.