Saturday, October 9, 2010

Lots of fun at the Animal Wildlife Park on Phillip Island

Hand feeding a Wallaby

Can you see the joey?

Very glad the pelican is sitting down - they're rather scary when all stretched out!

Whoops! Pete got pooped on!

Tricky to get a photo of this little guy... Mr Echidna just kept on walking

Love the colour in some of our native birds!

How cute is Mr Wombat!?!

My 3 little Monkeys

Dingoes - there were about 12 in the enclosure

It was just wonderful to see the Black Swan family walking around - and they knew we  had food! Shortly after this was taken, the front swan was begging Pete for food... which we were able to supply as you get given some on entry

I don't like Emu's. Nice in pictures but when they know you have food, they are rather intimidating in their pursuit!

I love the gorgeous blue on these Kookaburras - apparently these are from Northern Australia - the local ones are a lot more dull... a dusty brown where the blue is

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