Monday, October 18, 2010

Last week FLEW by

Life shouldn't be able to go from a Monday to the next Monday so fast... but it would seem there's no stopping it!

Monday was the first day of our new education routine - GREAT day... first days usually are though so I wasn't holding my breath. The week  followed was just as good though - so good that we took Friday off bookwork so I think this new plan is going to work!

Monday we started our new geography unit... South Africa
One of the 4 things we did on SA... a missionary story, globe location and colouring it in on a map of Africa were the others
Tuesday we... followed the program... had a pretty regular day? Got a birthday card for Nj in the post so he called Grandma to thank her....just one of those days... ooh - maybe it was the day my new book arrived? A Family Guide to The Biblical Holidays... it's hard to get it for less than $45, so if you're interested now is a good time to buy... I've waited 6mo for it to get below $40

Wednesday was Nathaniel's 7th birthday so we had rather a slow start to the day... pancakes for breakfast, french toast for lunch and fish & chips for dinner - his meal selection. A carb boy LOL
Melinda started MathUSee on Wednesday... I've started her on their first book, Primer which is prep-ish and we went through 2/3 of it orally to make sure nothing was skipped... so far only one thing she wasn't familiar with so we spent a few minutes on that. On Monday I'll finish off Primer with her, and start going through Alpha with her, again just orally... I'm expecting that she'll know most of it again, but a few things will need work. Then in a couple of week's she'll start on Beta, doing most of it by herself.. I'm expecting she'll know some of it but that maybe 2/3 will be either needed because not already touched on or needed to consolidate what has only been touched on. By the time she starts this, I'll start over with Nj, going through Primer, orally... and so on.

Thursday I got so carried away in our garden here that I missed the monthly home ed meeting!!!!!!!!!!
I got my first lettuce and zucchini planted though - am now expecting our first zucchini in 3 weeks if it grows as fast as our January ones did.... $4-8/kg in the shops is crazy for something that grows so easily!!

Friday was no bookwork and instead we had a super busy morning doing the MONTHLY grocery shop at both Aldi, Coles and Woolworths... we also do meat from a butcher, nuts to make crispy nuts from a nut shop, raw honey from the raw honey man and raw milk from the raw milk dairy. By the time we got home it was lunch time so we found some food, got Timothy into bed and unpacked as much as we could. There was loads of rain on Friday though, so I left the front seat of the car full of toilet paper, nappies and other things like that till after dinner when the rain had slowed down.

Nj got a hold of the camera at the garden so we have a bunch of 'interesting' photo's
Saturday Pete took the children to our plot at the community garden and pulled out the last of our carrots... and took some photo's so I could remember what else is there and plan accordingly. He also bought me some flowers! Gorgeous man :o) My wedding bouquet was hot pink and yellow gerberas.
While they were out, I started on some sewing.... still a couple of things to do to get it finished... hopefully Monday afternoon we will get to Spotlight to pick up the ribbon I want. Will post more details once I am finished the project :o)

Saturday night laying in bed, I felt bubs move for the first time.... lots earlier than the other 3 but it has been earlier with each one. It was like a whole bunch of bubbles moving around - very exciting!!

ooh goody! Cauliflower on it's way... tiny, but on it's way!
 I also cleaned the house on Saturday while Pete was off getting new tyres on the car.... sink, vacuum floors, bathroom cleaned, loungeroom decluttered (that last one was the biggie!)

Sunday, afternoon I baked bread... not much of the finished loaf left now

and late afternoon, Pete and I got stuck into more unpacking... 4 tea chest boxes done with 25% leaving the house... pretty happy about that. Is getting easier to walk around in some areas of the house! Still much to do... but happy we got this done :o)



  1. wow, busy times!
    I also feel like time is going faster the older I get:) or maybe it's homeschooling that's doing that to me, lol!
    your bread looks great! I've been trying a wholemeal one from the "5 mins a day" something or other website:) it's good to have at home but doesn't make sandwiches too good for dh to take to work:(

  2. The one I am doing is okay for Pete's lunch... he's taking it anyway LOL I slice is about 2/3 the thickness of a supermarket 'sandwich' slice and then I don't cut the made sandwich in 1/2 as I do with shop bread - he eats it as though a burger.
    It's a no knead wholemeal from (I think)
    I'd like to be doing the 5 min a day but don't have the brain space for it at the moment so this more 'instant' version is good. Soon I'll be soaking, drying and milling my own grain so won't be wishing for the head space for a 5min a day bread. I'm hoping this recipe will work just as well with that flour!

  3. Oh thanks! will check that site out for sure:)