Tuesday, October 12, 2010


The garden is looking better... a lot of this green has happened by itself but Pete is responsible for the digging over of the vegie patch - yes, it was there in the first pic, just totally over grown!! He's also working his way around the front and back yards doing the edging on all the paths so the bricked borders can be seen again... looks much nicer this way :o) The grass & weeds are growing about 10-15cm a week at the moment, so it usually takes a double mow to get it low enough to survive to the next mow. Hopefully in a month or so, the growth will slow down again and we'll see Pete inside on the weekends or outside actually enjoying the yard!

Before: Start of August

After: Today and yes, the trampoline still needs putting up - maybe this next weekend? The wet bit on the vegie patch is where we've planted two lots of butternut pumpkin seeds today... we have other seedlings on the way and will get them planted once big enough, in a few more weeks

Before: Start of August

After - Today
See all that green on the two trees! The one in the centre is a magnolia... the one on the right I have NO IDEA about... it seems to be growing some sort of fruit or flower now... will keep an eye on it now we know it's alive!

A lovely surprise this week was to discover that just near the clothes line we have a fig tree, covered in figs at the moment! I'll have to learn a few ways to use them up as I've never even eaten one before :o)

Not sure what this is but after spending much time looking at blossom pictures - it's looking like some sort of cherry... I'm hoping it's a sweet one!


  1. Amazing what some TLC will do. That white flower is gorgeous!

  2. I love yard upgrades! We built out house 2 years ago and my flower and vegetable beds still need lots of work. It was a very dry summer here and I didn't do much of any watering.

  3. Figs!! yum yum yum!

    Your yard is looking great :)

  4. Thanks for stopping by my blog, I just popped over to say hello at your place:)
    wow, you've got a huge backyard, awesome blessing! and figs - I love dried figs never had a ripe fig yet, they're supposed to be a wonder fruit:)

  5. Hi Rebecca and joyfulmum - Welcome!

    Update on the white blossom... a friend thinks it's apricot... just need to wait and see... apricot blossom pictures online look like there is more pink at the base... anyone else have a clue about these things?