Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Tuesday Art

Only now getting around to posting last week's art! Last week got a little too nutty... more about that once I figure out how to download photo's off my mobile :o)

We talked about shapes... positive shapes and negative shapes and then made these posters to illustrate the positive and negative of each shape created. I had already done mine as an illustration of the sort of thing they were aiming for. It was really interesting seeing them choosing a shape and then trying to get it to show up with the piece of paper folded in half. They done plenty of cutting with paper folded... 'snow flakes' and the like... but not too fussed about the particular shape at the end. There were some good thinking skills at work here too - good practice!

Left, me ~ Middle Nj (7) ~ Right Melinda (8)

Also... more recently - like yesterday... I finally got around to making the cover for MY home ed binder... I kept losing it with other 'look alike' binders... not anymore

The middle section is what I call my 'home ed gripe' and I've had it on my kitchen wall for quite a while now. It's a good reminder for me and also has kept others a little more quiet on 'testing' the kids at every opportunity - bliss!

...and now I need to get organised for this afternoon's art!!



  1. Interesting! Do you run an art class? I've only recently begun following your blog so wasn't sure what you were referring to about last week's art:)

  2. Hi joyfulmum - occasionally I do... but this is not a part of it.
    I'm *trying* to keep some sort of home ed routine and so art is a Tuesday thing.
    We're doing bits and pieces from a primary art book as well as some fun projects we find online and free play with art and craft materials.
    When I do the art classes it's more specific than my random approach that I've just noted LOL and I just email anyone that has expressed interest and I run for 4-6 weeks at a time for about $5 a class with a maximum of 6 other children. It works well but this last couple of terms life has been too hectic to pull it off - maybe I'll get there in the new year?

  3. I would pay to take my kids to an art class. I don't do art stuff at home.

  4. Oh, that is so true that quote! I need that poster to put up on my wall! Great art by the way! You are doing an awesome job! xxx

  5. oh ok! good on you for doing that art class though!