Saturday, October 30, 2010

Mystery 'vine thingy' - can anyone help?

I have no idea what yet another plant/tree/vine is in my yard... if you've read along for a while you'd know we're renting in a new place since July and are making a whole bunch of new discoveries, mostly of the fruit kind.

 We thought it dead when we moved in because it was just a bunch of old looking vines with no leaves at all... since then it has loaded itself with leaves and just recently it's produced a whole bunch of berry looking things... so are they flowers or some sort of fruit? There's clusters of them all over... hundreds...

Does anyone know what it is?

In response to Ganeida's comment, I'm adding this picture of a full leaf by itself :o)

all the leaves are pretty big - I don't have small hands at all LOL


  1. Do the leaves have a scent when crushed & what colour is the flower? My hubby may know but he needs a little more info. ☺

  2. Hi Ganeida - Thanks for stopping by :o)
    I haven't seen a flower on it yet, I'm wondering if these little berry things are actually flower buds?
    I just got outside now to get a leaf (it's a long way from the back door and it's rained pretty much all day today and yesterday) Interestingly when crushing it... it just smells like cut grass!
    I've added a pic of the full size leaf to the original blog entry. HTH's :o)

  3. Sorry to take so long to get back to you but I *lost* you. Couldn't remember whose blog I'd linked from. Anyway I ran your vine past my Dearest, who is a horticulturist, thinking he'd probably know but his first thought [pineapple sage] can't be right because that does have a distinct pineappley smell when the leaves are crushed. When [if] it flowers, post again because there's a good chance the flower will do the trick. Too many things have similar leaves & growth habits it's a big hard to tell from just a pic. What we want is a google picture matcherer. ;D

  4. ah well - at least we now know another thing it's not LOL
    I vote for a google picture matcherer too hehe
    It was easy to google 'pink blossom' and identify our peach tree but something like this is a tad more tricky... and google images still doesn't tell me if we have an almond or an apricot tree LOL... waiting to see what it grows!

  5. Mystery solved - stay tuned :o)