Sunday, October 10, 2010

Little Miss Spot-a-Lot

We have chicken pox in the house - I'm guessing from the School Holiday Program the children were involved in 2 weeks ago ... and now we're just waiting for the boys to come out in spots.I have to say she makes a cranky patient when itchy! Hubby has gone to church this morning but the children and I will have family worship here so we're not exposing the congregation to chicken pox or shingles :o)

Melinda with calamine lotion half rinsed off - so looking extra pale and ill!

on the back... pretty similar on the front and she's just starting to get them on her legs too


  1. We were hoping out son would catch it from someone when he was younger. He still hasn't. But we didn't do vacinnes on our daughter so she might have a better chance. I'd rather them have it while they are young.